Do you collect beer coasters?

Well, you are in the right place! You can see my entire collection here as well as you can enlarge your one. We can cooperate easily, just leave me a message.

What coasters do I collect?

I collect beer coasters from Czech and Slovak breweries only. Especially I am interested in foreign export versions of those coasters. I collected the coasters from all over the world in the past but I have stopped it because of huge quantity and storage problem. I sort my coasters alphabetically by locality of brewery in each country. You can see that in a list of breweries.

Would you like to exchange?

You also collect, right? Go ahead and choose the coasters which are interesting for you in and contact me. You can go through the form with my offer or you can write numbers of coasters in email message. Send your offer, the images of the coasters are welcomed. Usually I dispose of the coasters just from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

There is a chance to by the coasters as well.

How many coasters have I got?

News around the beer

Do you have some old collection and no idea what to do with?

Don't hesitate and send me your offer. I will buy your collection for reasonable price. But note, that I am interested only in beermats of Czech or Slovak breweries.

Archiving the collection

The collection is saved in plastic boxes. In addition, every coaster is packed in foil sleeve.

What is the reason to collect things?

People want to be part of something bigger. It is just the collecting allowing this pleasure. The collectors become part of bigger group of people with similar interests. Because of the collecting they can find new friends or improve a knowledge in the given area.

A collectors makes themselfs happy from the collection. The collection will stay here for the next generations. Also, the time spent with your collection is a relax time.

Collecting is also a particular way to save the money, even in case of breweriana. Who thinks that it has no price, makes a mistake. The hobby in collecting the things is most widespread hobby in the world.

What are the pros and cons?

Collecting of beer souvenirs is very wide in our country. If you touch couple of different beer coasters with nice graphics, you will either collect them or not. In my case, it caught me. I began to learn more about beer, beer brewing and its history.

Absolutely it requires a lot of time and patience and be good in details. How the collection is growing, it needs more and more money. Due to that I am also changing the strategy over the time, most likely as the other collectors. It also takes a bit space to save all the beer mats.

However, thanks to this hobby, I have improved my knowledge in geography a bit. Traveling became more interesting, I am willing to go to places where is almost nothing, just the brewery. I have better idea about regions and districts. I am watching an evolution of the breweries in our contry and I learn more about beer styles. Time to time I am playing with home brewing. Also, thanks to this hobby I work in area, which I was always interested. And last but not least, it is good to answer friend's question "Where is this beer brewed?" ... and you know it. It always makes you happy.