Do you collect beer coasters?

Well, you are in the right place! You can see my entire collection here as well as you can enlarge your one. We can cooperate easily, just leave me a message.

What coasters do I collect?

I collect beer coasters from Czech and Slovak breweries only. Especially I am interested in foreign export versions of those coasters. I collected the coasters from all over the world in the past but I have stopped it because of huge quantity and storage problem. I sort my coasters alphabetically by locality of brewery in each country. You can see that in a list of breweries.

The collection is saved in plastic boxes. In addition, every coaster is packed in foil sleeve.

Would you like to change?

It is easy. Please choose the coasters which are interesting for you and contact me. You can go through the form or you can write numbers of coasters by email message. Send your offer at once, an image form is welcomed. Usually I have coasters only from Czech and Slovakia.

There is a possibility to by the coasters as well.

How many have I got?